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3D Terms of Service


  • There is a moderate chance We might decline an order if the character or concept is something We cannot deliver well, this is important because every commission is influenced by our style strengths.

  • We reserve the right of cancelling your petition if you have been proved troublesome in any way.

  • We will provide screenshots of WIPs. Minor adjustments are allowed in the early stages, but no major changes are allowed if it wasn't originally included in the reference material and if it will affect the overall composition of the model.​​

  • WE can provide you for the digital files of the commission. (.fbx, .png textures, and .unitypackage/VRM).

  • 3D Model required reference images (Front, side, back of the character) ready when you contact us. If you don't have one, you can order from our affiliate artists (@OSIIMIArtist).

  • NDA approved if you don't want us to talk about your project or upload images of your character in our online portfolio, or others, we won't; but the price will rise slightly if that's the case.

  • We will not claim the Intellectual Property or reuse/resell your project/design for commercial projects unless agreed upon.

  • By purchasing any of our services you're automatically accepting my Terms of Service and being obligated to follow them. As well as promising you won't request any Paypal chargeback.



 You are not allowed to:


  1. Change, modify, trace, or use our works without permission.         

  2. Reproduce the copyrighted artwork commercially (meaning-making money of it in any way) without permission/pay for commercial fees. 

  3. Take credit for the art.




  • For the 3D model, We will only accept Paypal. 

  • For character design, we accept payment via local bank transfer to our transferwise account or Paypal. 50% required for the waitlist.

  • Payments will only be accepted in USD.

  • We will send the full payment invoice before we start the artwork.


► File◄


  • You get the full digital picture in 300dpi (around 3000px to 4000px - .PNG, unless you request other format) for CHARACTER DESIGN COMMISSION. If you want a bigger size, tell us for more detail.

  • The Vtuber Package, the specific package will come with:​

The 3D Model in .fbx format

It's corresponded textures and texture masks.

A full Humanoid Body rig

include Viseme (AIUEO), Blink, 4 Facial Expression

Dynamic/Spring bones (for hairs, tails, ears, wings, skirts, etc) for physics within Unity

The model converted into VRM format for use in Luppet and other programs

VR Chat unity package for VRchat cost Extra Charge


By commissioning us, it means you have read and accepted all the terms outlined above. 

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